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Residential Garage Doors

Our level of expertise in meeting the garage door needs of residents in this Atlanta, GA zone is why they choose Metro Garage Doors. Our staff meets the repair standards for the industry as it relates to the garage doors. The services provided are exemplary, providing qualified advice and responding quickly to any service call. Our customers know that when we are on the job they have us at full attention. We listen to our client's issues, understanding what your problem is before providing solutions. Metro Garage Doors technicians have many years of education and experience appropriate to any job situation. Metro Garage Doors also consults with our clients to make sure they understand how it is that we will solve their garage door need...Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

Our technicians have worked hard to meet the needs of our commercial clients over the past many years. Metro Garage Doors has grown a very loyal business customer base who considers us the best garage door repair business available throughout the Atlanta, GA community. Our technicians have a deep knowledge of the garage door industry and also understand the business practices of the businesses in this Atlanta, GA, which allows us to appreciate and meet their needs...Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

Any time your garage door is in need of repair you should contact one of our professionals immediately. Whether the issue is small or large, in order to keep it from becoming a major issue for your business it is necessary to have a Metro Garage Doors professional come and evaluate your situation. Do not attempt to fix a broken garage door by yourself but rather rely on the expertise of our technicians whose experience and qualifications will assist you in properly fixing your door. Taking this approach will prevent anyone from being hurt by a mistake that could potentially be made because of the complexity of your garage door. We have the skills and knowledge as well as the expertise to make sure that the correct repair is done quickly and safely...Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

Garage door springs are just as integral to the operation of the door as the tracks. Springs carry tension, which make it possible for the doors to stay in place and be safe. A heavy door that loses it spring tension presents a hazard for everything and anyone below. A problem with a broken spring should be looked at immediately by Metro Garage Doors trained service professionals. We are available immediately to apply the appropriate fix or repair to your garage door spring issue. Metro Garage Doors is the premier provider of garage doors, bar none, in the Atlanta, GA...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors not only open and close on a manual basis but they also operate with the use of a remote control. Remote control devices provide a great amount of convenience to individuals but on occasion they fail to work as they should. We work with our customers when they call looking for servicing work on their garage door openers. We have in our stock many different models of garage door openers and remotes...Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Custom garage doors provide homes and businesses with a distinct and custom look, helping to increase the investment value of the property. Garage doors are large in size and can influence the look of a building. They provide a way for a property owner to display their own personal taste and style. We at Metro Garage Doors provide assistance to our clients in determining which of the many custom garage door styles are best suited to their tastes. We can customize solutions that work to complement the property and bring out a certain vision...Click to read more

Overhead Garage Doors

Metro Garage Doors team of expert garage door service technicians can provide installation services to the garage door of your choosing. The options we make available for our commercial and residential customers include affordably priced doors of all types. These doors are specifically designed to give you the protection you need from the elements and are weatherproofed from the harsh effects of rain, snow and the wind. The many different varieties of garage doors available along with the excellent reputation of our installation team gives you top-level quality service at an affordable cost...Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Metro Garage Doors, through our experience and mobile service capability, can install the garage door that you want, anywhere in Atlanta, GA, anytime. An existing home garage door that is need of replacement or a new construction that requires the installation of garage doors are some of the tasks that we can handle in order to make your location look good and be secure. A Metro Garage Doors can provide you with the service for the garage door you have in mind...Click to read more

Garage Doors

Those activities that you engage in on a regular basis cause normal wear and tear on your garage door. Metro Garage Doors recommends the installation of durable garage doors that can withstand the weight of tools, machinery, and equipment as well as the weather elements. We maintain a wide stock of commercial type garage doors that are specifically designed for the rigors of business. These doors are designed with aesthetic qualities in mind but are also tough, durable, safe and secure...Click to read more