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Metro Garage Doors Atlanta, GA 404-618-1154Garage doors not only open and close on a manual basis but they also operate with the use of a remote control. Remote control devices provide a great amount of convenience to individuals but on occasion they fail to work as they should. We work with our customers when they call looking for servicing work on their garage door openers. We have in our stock many different models of garage door openers and remotes.

Many of our customers access their homes through the garage door. The automatic garage door opener helps to facilitate this access. Metro Garage Doors has many different garage door openers available at a range of affordable prices. The types of openers we offer range in their technology version and capabilities.

We provide a no-cost estimate for the repair of your garage door’s remote system which includes the price of service and the replacement of any component. Upon agreement we arrive at your home or place of work in the Atlanta, GA to install the solution you have selected, address any questions or concerns and discuss the benefits of the option you chose.