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Garage door springs are just as integral to the operation of the door as the tracks. Springs carry tension, which make it possible for the doors to stay in place and be safe. A heavy door that loses it spring tension presents a hazard for everything and anyone below. A problem with a broken spring should be looked at immediately by Metro Garage Doors trained service professionals. We are available immediately to apply the appropriate fix or repair to your garage door spring issue. Metro Garage Doors is the premier provider of garage doors, bar none, in the Atlanta, GA.

Quick and accurate fixes are a common task performed by Metro Garage Doors. We, through our experience, can recommend the most appropriate solution for your door spring problem. We understand which methods work best to restore your door to it original operational capability, thus eliminating any problem with bad springs and poor tensions Any spring replacement required can also be handled on the spot because of the availability of the correct parts in our mobile service units.

We know that a properly working garage door means that the spring’s tensions with respect to pounds and tension A door that has a weight of 200 pounds, as an example, must have at least 200 pounds of tension in the springs. It is the understanding of this relationship between door weight and tension that makes working with Metro Garage Doors service professionals required in order to properly fix your garage door.

A complete knowledge of springs and door weight comes with the proper training and experience that only Metro Garage Doors’s technicians possess. Our continued training and expertise in garage door maintenance, repair and installation makes us the one to call to solve your issues in the Atlanta, GA zone.

Torsion Springs

Metro Garage Doors Atlanta, GA 404-618-1154Torsion springs are a type of spring that is used to deal with the weight of your garage door. it is operated by the placement of a beam, typically at the top of the garage door. The spring is operated by a cable As the door goes up the torsion springs uncoil, which allows it to properly operate. Closing the door occurs with the torsion springs moving in an opposite operation.

The actions caused by the torsion spring operation are in sync. Torsion springs are designed to properly manage the door’s weight. Repair, maintenance or the installation of torsion springs may otherwise be impossible for a lay person who has not been trained to handle. Such a repair may also be dangerous or difficult to handle without understanding basic principles such as weight and resistance.

We understand that having proper torsion springs in place depend on the type of door. A residential garage door may only require two or less springs to deal with the weight of the door. Larger commercial doors may require more than two springs to properly work. The more a door weighs, the more springs needed.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are another type of spring designed to handle door weight. This type of spring has areas that are open, designed for heavy machinery to be mounted that is located on the door system.

These springs are an offset to the door’s weight, helping the door open and close efficiently. Springs draw together as the door rises, returning to their original position when the door closes. Extension springs also have tension, similar to torsion springs. Harm to the garage door system or you can occur if you lack the experience to make a repair to an extension springs.

Having your garage door springs inspected on regular intervals helps prevent problems from occurring when they become worn or broken. All of your garage door spring needs can be addressed by the experienced professionals of Metro Garage Doors.