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Metro Garage Doors has been in the business of commercial and residential garage services for several years in the surrounding vicinities of Atlanta, GA. We have a staff of garage door service professionals who are trained and qualified to meet your every need. The services they provide include the replacement, repair, and installation of your garage door. The services they provide are both affordable and reasonable.

Metro Garage Doors knows that your garage door is an important entrance to your business or to your home. Your door must be secure in order to provide the safety you need for your location. Our skilled experts and staff can provide you with the top-level service your request that deals with any garage door issue.

Our Professional Staff

Metro Garage Doors Atlanta, GA 404-618-1154The professional staff that we employ is made up of experts who are highly trained and qualified. Metro Garage Doors takes very much pride in knowing that the services that we provide keep our customers both happy and satisfied. A reputation for excellence is based on delivering on a promise to provide you with the highest quality garage door service. The qualifications of those experts we employ means that you will always have someone available who is neither inexperienced nor unqualified. We provide the best training for our experts to ensure that their qualifications are up to the task when providing you with garage door services.

We always advise that you never attempt to fix any problem that arises with your garage door. Even though such a project may look like an easy task, in fact, garage doors can be a very complicated repair. Every type of garage door is built differently, encompassing a variety of different parts. Only a trained expert hired by Metro Garage Doors can arrive at your place of business or your home ready to work and solve your problem immediately and effectively. Employing one of our professionals means you can get back to focusing on those things that are most important to you, knowing that the job will be handled properly.

Ready for Anything

Metro Garage Doors comes prepared and ready for any garage door repair. We have in our inventory many spare parts and door lift mechanisms that are designed by top manufacturers for just about every garage door. These parts that we have include the brackets, struts, tracks, remotes, receivers and any monitors that you might need to make your door operational again. We have all the parts and the tools ready and available to you in order to make sure that your garage door works and is in the best possible shape.

Metro Garage Doors understands that from time-to-time your garage door may experience some problems that might keep you from entering your garage. We can examine your garage door locks to determine any potential problems such as breaks or areas where keys may become stuck or inoperable. We can also create an emergency key for use as a backup. Metro Garage Doors technicians are there to make sure that you gain entry without you damaging or destroying your valuable property attempting to do a repair yourself. We stand apart from the competition in the Atlanta, GA because we are available on a 24/7 basis and have the equipment and spare parts available in order to fix your pressing garage door problem.

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